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View Diary: Could NASA's Curiosity Mission Affect the Election? (96 comments)

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    this just in, BusyinCA

    the diary at that link was snark and the quote is ironic, not factual. So far as I know, as I said, Romney hasn't spoken up about the mission nor have his campaign or surrogates done so either. They have relentlessly been staying on their chosen messages of "welfare reform is in danger" and "Obama's people are lying about poor Mitt". Since Mitt doesn't hardly ever talk to a reporter who would bring it up to him, I doubt Romney will mention the mission, unless events introduce the idea of funding things like the Curiosity Mission into the campaign. If enough people start fixating on the mission, the media will follow suit, especially if breakthrough discoveries come in the next three months. The GOP stands no chance of making hay from a popular mission but that's not true of Dems.

    The stain of Bain is wrecking Romney's name. h/t to Lerner & Lowe

    by LeftOfYou on Thu Aug 09, 2012 at 08:16:11 PM PDT

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