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View Diary: Could NASA's Curiosity Mission Affect the Election? (96 comments)

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  •  A Democratic "Oh Look, a Duck" option exists.... (4+ / 0-)

    ... and in a good way.

    Using the hype and excitement over.... USA! USA! USA!... the great accomplishment and how much more we can do with some of the Stimulus II monies aimed at NASA and even greater future accomplishments.

    Hold it in reserve and spring this as a positive Oct surprise.

    Personally I want $Trillions spent on space efforts. It kills two birds.... stimulus, and keeping the military contractors and skilled workers employed building constructive rather than destructive machinery, peaceful endeavors' etc ....  while preserving our infrastructure for military manufacturing if something happens and the need arises.

    We need more space stations, we need communications arrays for Mars, We need to be cataloging and keeping an eye on asteroids/comets, we need ever bigger telescopes, we need more powerful interplanetary engines, we need a fleet of ships to travel to Mars and the asteroid belt for exploration and exploitation.

    It seems like "make work" yet remember, every dime ever spent by NASA has been paid back to society 10X through the technological breakthroughs and industries they create.

    •  Prospect Mars, but don't hope for much. (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      The Jester

      At least hope for much that can't be extracted elsewhere in the Solar System at less cost.

      In the near term, while more powerful rockets (nuclear thermal, for example) for impulse transportation are definitely in order, we can also make great use of power-limited, high endurance engines (solar/nuclear electric) that accelerate continuously.  Once you start assembling spacecraft where they belong--in space--you have a lot of options for accessing the rest of the solar system faster and with greater frequency.

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