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    Maybe Huntsman and company don't really know specifically what's in the returns, but do know that Romney himself was known to frequently brag as to how the IRS never got one cent from him. And maybe Romney was exaggerating (lying) about his tax free status then, but is (sort of) saying something more thruthy now. This would be totally in character for Romney the habitual liar, caught by his own braggart's lies.

    (He still can't release the returns, because they would show that the year after the 2008 financial crisis, he really did pay next to nothing.)

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      I hope Reid is getting his information from someone who knew Romney's real tax rate or heard it from someone who did, and wasn't just guessing. Otherwise he is really going out on a limb. The problem with the Huntsman hypothesis is that it still isn't exactly explained how either Huntsman could know (or even Romney's partners at Bain could know) what exactly his personal tax payments were. But possibly Romney himself let that slip.

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