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  •  Here in Boston, we've put the BPD feet to the fire (10+ / 0-)

    on issues of bigotry, which a piece of the white patriarchal oligarchy system we're all suffering from.

    It's not just about fielding candidates. Its about digging in where you can to bring corrupt systems down. Our Clean Up BPPA work has tentacles that go right to the Mayor. It is possible that it will shake up his re-election bid like nothing before has been able to. (He's running for a 5th term.) Clean Up BPPA is not an Occupy Boston group, per se, but the core of us never would have met if it weren't for Occupy. This is the kind of autonomous action that Occupy spawned.

    Don't diss the strategy of not supporting candidates. There is so much corruption that some of us can't feel good about that. Obama is in bed with Geithner, Bernanke et al... and he's gunning, er droning, down civil and human rights everywhere. I get the "least of two evils" argument, but it's a lot to ask Occupy to support candidates who are a part of that. We're coming at it from a different angle.

    The Tea Party may have gotten some kind of short-term wins with candidates, but they haven't fundamentally changed anything. And those candidates aren't exactly popular now. We're working to expose and pound away at the corruption itself and get the voters to see what their votes are really getting them. When it changes the agenda of the candidates, then that feels like a success. I don't care who the mayor is, for instance. I do care what the mayor does. So, if he keeps lording over a white-male dominated administration and police department, I'm going to keep screaming about that.

    •  Well I love you guys (4+ / 0-)
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      UnaSpenser, laurnj, joe from Lowell, Tamar

      If I didn't live in Alabama and have no chance of aiding any occupy movement I would have applied my elbow grease to an occupy endeavor.  Keep on keeping on, we need you.

    •  I've always felt that Obama picked the absolutely (2+ / 0-)
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      One Opinion, Militarytracy

      wrong economic/financial team. Geithner may not have been a Wall Street investor himself, but he was part of the Wall Street scene and his thinking is dredged in that culture. And Larry Summers is/was an arrogant smug POS who thinks his brain is so much bigger than anyone else's that only his ideas are any good, despite the mess he and his former boss made of the economy in previous years (and despite the blatant stupidity and ignorance he showed at Harvard).
      I think Obama felt that economics and military action were not his strengths and he picked people whom he thought had the most experience and expertise, but they were exactly the wrong ones -- they pushed him in the wrong directions. I wish he had chosen economists/financial advisors like Krugman and Reich.
      During the last 3 1/2 years, I think he's gained confidence in those areas and his recent behavior -- not just on the campaign trail but in his dealings with the Republicans gives me some hope for his second term.
      As for " droning down civil and human rights everywhere," I understand exactly what you're saying and it's incredibly painful. My guess is that he felt the choice was either more invasions or drones. I'm not sure those are the only two options and I'm very sure that giving the CIA any authority in things like that is a terrible mistake. But he did end our occupation in Iraq and, so far, is sticking to his word about leaving Afghanistan. A Republican would probably keep us there forever and wouldn't have left Iraq completely.
      All that said, I'm still an Obama supporter because of the other policy choices he's made: health care, student loans, women's pay, women's reproductive rights, tax cuts, gay rights. And I'm aware that if he hadn't been dealing with the most disgusting obstructionist opposition in our history, we would have much more investment in infrastructure, renewable energy, public services; our economy would be improving and jobs would be increasing much faster. He tried not to take the route taken by the "austerity" demanding European leaders. Our limited austerity measures were forced down his throat.

      We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

      by Tamar on Sun Aug 12, 2012 at 09:58:14 AM PDT

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