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  •  oh, I'm not saying anything otherwise. I am (0+ / 0-)

    simply pointing out the truth that most Americans simply can't bring themselves to acknowledge----we didn't leave Iraq (or Afghanistan when that happens) because of Obama's decision to leave.  We are leaving because we LOST.  We were BEATEN.  We GOT OUR ASS KICKED.  Many Americans would rather die than acknowledge that.

    •  I don't agree with that at all. This was a no-win (1+ / 0-)
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      situation from the beginning. Everybody, including the Iraqis, lost (well, everybody except Haliburton and Blackwater). We weren't beaten except in the sense that Rumsfeld's and Cheney's fantasy didn't become reality. But it was an absurd set of ideas anyway.
      We didn't leave because we were beaten, we left because we were engaged in pointless activity that was costing our country the lives and health of our soldiers, and billions upon billions of dollars. And Obama knew that from the beginning.
      If McCain had won in 2008, we'd probably still have troops there because he couldn't admit the pointlessness of the whole venture.
      Now in Afghanistan -- I think we've been losing for quite a while. We should be out of there.

      We're not perfect, but they're nuts! -- Barney Frank

      by Tamar on Sun Aug 12, 2012 at 12:22:24 PM PDT

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