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  •  "This is why we are Democrats" -- BULLSHIT! (0+ / 0-)

    Yes, the Republicans are far worse, but the Democrats are also leading us to a global corporate dictatorship only at a slower pace.

    We saw bipartisan support for all the police-state laws (Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act of 2006, NDAA), government wiretapping, and massive citizen databases.

    We saw bipartisan support for all the "free-trade" laws that export American jobs to low-wage countries, and for the new TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) which is "NAFTA on steroids".

    We saw bipartisan support for denying Americans single-payer health care, which every other civilized country has.

    We saw bipartisan support for the bank bailouts, but none for homeowner bailouts.  And not a single bankster has been charged with a crime after they crashed our economy!

    There's bipartisan agreement to do nothing about homelessness.

    There's bipartisan support for force-feeding us unlabeled genetically-modified frankenfoods.

    There's bipartisan support for the war on whistleblowers exposing government corruption, and for the war on marijuana users.

    There's bipartisan support for cutting Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid (although the Democrats like to pose as defending these programs).

    There's bipartisan agreement to not investigate the evidence our elections are being rigged by the unverifiable, easily-hacked, touchscreen voting machines.

    There's bipartisan support for building new nuclear power plants.

    Q: Why do the Democrats feel they can get away with this crap? A: Because of dupes who give this other corporate-funded party their unconditional support.

    Because of these dupes, the Democrats know they can get away with any sellout to the 1%, the dupes will still vote for them!

    The Green Party is the non-corporate alternative; they don't accept corporate money and they represent the 99%.

    Your Green vote sends the Democrats a message that selling out citizens will cost them votes. And it's a message the Democrats sorely need.

    VOTE GREEN 2012!

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