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View Diary: RNC chair: 63 percent of voters are 'ridiculous' (151 comments)

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  •  He's a chair like I'm a sofa (1+ / 0-)
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    maybeeso in michigan

    Remember that law firm that prepared Wisconsins redistricting maps in secret and made all the wingers sign non-disclosures on threats of unfavorable redistricting in their own districts?

    The law firm that gave the Grothman free legal services when he got caught bribing somebody (or being bribed, or selling hats made from dead kittens, or something). That guy?

    The law firm that WI taxpayers were grossly overcharged to defend the state from those evil terrorist pinko commies who had the audacity to sing songs in the capitol rotunda? You know, songs? And $300,000 to clean up all that cardboard dust?

    Reinhold Rince Repeat is still listed as a partner in that firm. On leave to go sit in a chair somewhere. One year he's an associate. The next year he's a full partner. The next year he's on leave to go sit in a chair somewhere. What an amazing fast-track career for such a silly little inexperienced pinhead. He did graduate from all his schools with honors, though. So he's pretty good at buying answers to the tests, a useful skill in real life if that ever happens to him. Prison is a fast path to real life, Rince. Just a friendly tip.

    You know, the job that Haley Barbour got for him in exchange for doing something awful, maybe. It could have something to do with those hats and the cute little kittens that somebody clubbed to death. Snotty Walker? Reinhold's BFF and fellow little scamp fascist buddy.

    The same Reinhold whose first job out of law school was to work for the Tragically Brilliant Michael Steele and without remorse, made up some shit about him and took his job when he blinked. And Pop goes the MSNBC contract.

    Oh wait. That might have been his second job. His summers were spent in Madison clerking for the ever so very kind and gentle WI Supreme Court Justice, David "Choke Your Fellow SC Justice" Prosser. You know, the guy who lost his election to an unknown Democrat now known as Kloppenburg, before he won his election by counting the 14,315 Unicorn votes that mysteriously appeared in Waukesha County two days later. Yeah, that David "Screw the open meeting law" Prosser. The one vote that decided that shape shifting internal house rules and  procedures are far more important than that pesky old Wisconsin State Constitution and all those confusing statutes. That Prosser.

    The same Prosser whose campaign co-chair, the highly respected and honoranle 94 year old Wisconsin Icon, Democrat, ex-Governor, and 1980 Candidate for Vice President along with his Republican Presidential Candidate, John B Anderson, the Honorable Patrick J Lucey, decided to resign as Prosser's campaign co-chair because "Prosser is an asshole". I'm pretty sure that's what he said.

    Just to make this perfectly clear, I'm talking about the David Prosser who lives in Appleton, WI, a stone's through from the John Birch Society National Headquarters, the same town that Sen. Joseph "Has No Decency" McCarthy call home, and right down the road from that big lake where a bunch of paper businesses sit on the shore. You know, the ones that his good corporate people my friend Koch Industries owns. They make the paper towels and their close personal corporate person, U-Line, make the towel racks. Yes the ULine family, whose father was the famous anti-black rabid but wealthy bigot and founder of Allen Bradley Company, where no black person was ever hired while the bigot-in-charge was alive, ignoring all those court orders and civil rights laws for almost two decades. The business that was sold and put all the money into the Bradley Foundation, a second top funder of all things radically far right and hate-related. Oh yeah. No gays. That huge foundation run by the U-Line owners, the Bradley Foundation. The one who secretly funds non-profit law firms to work on far right wing staged political issue-based lawsuits filed by paid but officially unemployed [wink, wink] goobers.

    That last little secret might stir up a little posturing among the secret-keepers. They aren't nearly as clever as the average sixth grader. We're not supposed to be able to figure any of this out. [heh]

    And who could forget his previous employee who stuffed ballot boxes at his side when they both bamboozled the bean counters and set up some immunity stuff that kept them together for far too long. Was that Shiela Excel Slipshod? No wait, that's Prosser's long term marital aid that lives in his pants. Usually.

    I meant to say that the Unicorn voter representative was Kathy "Unauditable Excel Manipulator" Nicolaus (not related to Saint Nicholas, an entirely different family, even spelled differently). And not one of those Saints. No way.

    Rince and Repeat is somehow connected to Haley Barbour through his wife, of something like that. No wife, no Haley Barbour, no chair for Reinhold to sit upon.

    All of this is accurate, by the way. Well, maybe I misremembered a memory a little. But it's pretty close for... I forgot.

    And now they're talking up Eddie Munster from Janesville. The guy who made sure that the largest employer in his home town stayed closed forever. Oh, and the pension funds. Somebody ought to see if the numbers still add up.

    Eddie Munster, for Pete's sake.

    "Never wrestle with a pig: you get dirty and the pig enjoys it"

    by GrumpyOldGeek on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 11:01:33 AM PDT

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