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View Diary: Biden: Mitch McConnell vowed no cooperation with the Obama administration from the get-go (202 comments)

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  •  It's already known publically (12+ / 0-)

    that the SOBs...I mean GOP wasn't gonna work w/Obama on anything. Hence why even some of the stuff they liked in the past, infrastructure spending, they weren't willing to pass under Obama. I think Dems need to start highlighting this fact as well. Could help lower GOP image, maybe pick up a few Senate seats, make better gains in the House (though I don't think we take it back this year).

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    by wlfpack81 on Fri Aug 10, 2012 at 11:07:20 AM PDT

    •  I hope something like this is in the works (7+ / 0-)

      for the fall. People know about the obstructionism, they just have to be reminded and be informed about the details. The opposition to the American Jobs Acts come to mind. Republicans want to make people punish democrats for the slow recovery, when THEY are the ones who have done the damage. Outrageous.

    •  I don't think it's widely known. (8+ / 0-)

      I think most people think about Congress and they still think of their Rep/Senator in favorable terms, but despise the whole legislature.  That's been part of the Republican goal.  Make people so turned off by politics only the rabid ones will faithfully vote, and they've courted the rabid ones (Tea Party, Fundamentalists) in their part.

      The fact that you (hypothetical) might like your Republican Representative isn't tied to the fact that your Republican Representative voted for Boehner for Speaker and the result was 33 votes against Healthcare over the last two years and maybe, maybe, 1 or 2 votes to help the economy.  People need to be taught their Rep is part of a larger virus that is anti-woman and intent on taking their money and giving it to the rich.

      •  But the thing is (2+ / 0-)
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        fumie, ColoTim

        The GOP have pushed party unity to the point that chances are real good that the rep you USED to like has consistently voted against the things YOU specifically said you liked.

        Or they said one thing when they were running, and did something entirely different when elected.

        Just remind the voters in the fall, and they will be less likely to win.

        Remember, the GOP has consistently voted against projects that would have sent money and jobs to their own districts. They voted (or just didn't address) a farm bill in the middle of one of the worst droughts in decades, with farmers screaming for help.

        Let those GOP reps for those rural states go home and explain why they couldn't help their voters because Obama, blah, blah, socialism, guns, doma, blah.

        They're going to get their asses handed to them.

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