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View Diary: Dear Conservatives: The train is leaving the station. You can hop on or stay cursing at the platform (172 comments)

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    In the context of our founding fathers building a country that was a blend of socialism and capitalism, we need to look no further than Benjamin Franklin.  He was a self-made man and entrepreneur--a frugal, hard worker who believed in the rights of the individual and in the power of the free market.  If I stopped there, this description could be simplistically framed as objectivist or libertarian values.

    But of course Franklin also started post offices  and libraries, and believed in a strong militia, and devised novel social strategies for group-based self-improvement and fundraising.  He saw that the core purpose of government is to accomplish things that could not possibly be accomplished by individuals, in order to enrich the common good of a society.

    Never teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig

    by YankInUK on Thu Aug 16, 2012 at 10:41:05 AM PDT

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