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  •  RE: 2010 (3+ / 0-)

    Watch, a polite response without namecalling, will try to keep it as dry as possible..

    I think everyone here probably knows what a low information voter is.

    LIV's don't understand the difference between these things:

    - a policy inherited / extended
    - a policy proposed - but blocked
    - a policy enacted partway
    - a policy enacted wholeheartedly

    When commentators or candidates go after Obama for "failed policies", it's not always clear to me which category they are looking at.

    With regards to 2010, my opinion is that a lot of voters confused blockage with inaction.  The outcome is the same, but the cause and effect can be harder for a casual observer to figure out.

    Obama has policies in all of the above categories, and in many cases has taken flak from both sides, for different reasons.

    For example, tax cuts.  The original Bush tax cut package should have expired at the end of 2010 - as the law was written when originally passed - but Obama extended it, to gain concessions in other areas.  In fact Obama cut taxes even further, which pleased some but means a reduction in funding for SS, which doesn't sit all that well with his base.

    DREAM Act, American Jobs Act, DISCLOSE Act, not hard to find more examples, all these got blocked.  We can't really say they failed, they were untried.  Took flak from the right for proposing them, took flak from the left for not passing them successfully..

    The 2009 stimulus.  Not hard to find economists that show the benefits in terms of job creation while it lasted, but it ended.  Another example of a policy that the left wanted to see pushed farther, the right didn't want to see it happen at all.

    The ACA.  Somehow they managed to pass this law, and it survived the Supreme Court.  I am looking forward to reconciling predictions of the effects, with the actual outcomes.  If it works well, people will stop trying to repeal it.  If it works terribly, people will vote accordingly and a change will get made.  Can't really call it a failed policy until it's actually been running a few years and we can see the outcome...

    So I just have one question - the right has been in lockstep with wanting to get Obama out of office since the last election.  Focused, angry, relentless pressure to vote him out, a very high priority for some, a critical mission multiple years in the making.  So why pick Romney as the candidate, if winning is that important?

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