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View Diary: Obama Team Reacts to the Ryan Pick (309 comments)

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  •  Not really (9+ / 0-)

    Romney-Ryan will get the buzz from now through the convention. Dems will keep hammering on plan to end medicare, but for now the press will like the new meme.

    It won't be until after Dem convention until the repubs start to implode. Remember, even Palin was good out of the gate. She did not crash until October.

    I would not be surprised for Romney-Ryan to draw even with Obama in polls in next couple weeks, maybe even get ahead. The press likes a comeback story best of all.

    However, by mid-October, Obama-Biden should be back in control.

    •  Can't wait until after (7+ / 0-)

      the conventions.

      This is an all hands on deck, nine-alarm fire.  We cannot sit back and think this is shoo-in.

      The next ten days is critical in determining the fate of the New Deal.

    •  I just donated to Obama campaign (8+ / 0-)

      Now is the time to fight, not sit back and relax.

    •  I agree they will get a bump. (5+ / 0-)
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      The important thing is to hammer away at any momentum. Obama team needs to spell out what privatizing Medicare will mean. And hammer away at that. And everyone needs to remember that althought Ryan might be an albatross around Rmoney's neck. I hope so.
      But that will only be true if the message is conveyed clearly as to what his budget and world view will do to the United States of America. Everything good about our Great Society and New Deal will be gone.

      Within a few days of announcing Palin as his VP choice I decided that McCain had to secretly want Obama to win. Otherwise how could he have picked her?
      I hope I feel as confident for Obama a few days from now!

      And we have to remember, he is no Palin. He speaks well and does not project himself as a fool. Wasn't Bill Clinton caught whispering encouragement to Ryan backstage at some televised event? I bet they will use that to undermine Clinton's support of Obama.

      "...if depressed Republicans decide to stay home on election day because their top of the ticket prospects look like they are deader than Bob Dole’s dick." tbogg of firedoglake

      by zesty grapher on Sat Aug 11, 2012 at 07:51:50 AM PDT

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