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View Diary: Paul Ryan LOVES Ayn Rand. And LIED About It. (199 comments)

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  •  Perhaps reading the Moral Molecule is in order. (7+ / 0-)

    Or "Thinking Fast and Slow" or any of the other more grounded books on mindfulness and the human condition that are out there.

     But to do that requires the ability to "read" without the simplistic imagery that we will no doubt be getting pounded with from now to November. Ayn Rand had one thing going for her (as someone who read her in the 60's after my own life crisis of unwanted pregnancy and abortion nearly destroyed my life) - she could create images of heroines and heroes that were addicting, visions full of allure, powerful imagery, and yes, hatred for the weakest among us. I sought John Galt for years thinking that I was some sort of Dagney Taggart before realizing that it was not possible to be that cold, that selfish, that steeled in the superiority of simplistic narcissistic haughty self-worth.

     It's not hard to understand why it's the favorite book of the 19 year old emerging college student, and it often takes many more years to see the falsehood of that exoskeleton that Galt worship (or Howard Roark worship, in my case) seems to provide.

     Good luck guys, I'm going to have breakfast with my 93 year old FOX news-watching neighbor with whom I will try not to argue. Love the image and especially the ties...

    I can do everything but earn a living.

    by alabamaliberal on Sat Aug 11, 2012 at 06:07:05 AM PDT

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