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View Diary: Eugene Robinson NAILS IT: “What part of ‘hottest month ever’ do you people not understand?” (113 comments)

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    doesn't he means since records started in 1870?

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      “What part of ‘hottest month ever’ do you people not understand?”

      According to the National Oceanic and Atmo-spheric Admin-istration, July was indeed the hottest month in the contiguous United States since record-keeping began more than a century ago. That distinction was previously held by July 1936, which came at the height of the Dust Bowl calamity that devastated the American heartland.

      The average temperature last month was 77.6 degrees – a full 3.3 degrees warmer than the 20th-century norm for July. This follows the warmest 12-month period ever recorded in the United States, and it continues a long-term trend that is obvious to all except those who stubbornly close their eyes: Of the 10 hottest years on record, nine have occurred since 2000.

      The records go back far enough to decisively support the point.

      Beyond what is recorded, other forms of scientific forensics allow for comparison back thousands and tens of thousands of years. And on those scales too, anthropogenic warming and climate destabilization are clearly demonstrated.

      #3: ensure network neutrality; #2: ensure electoral integrity; #1: ensure ecosystemic sustainability.

      by ivote2004 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 at 04:11:54 PM PDT

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