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View Diary: Running Against Paul Ryan is Exactly What Team Obama Wanted (Updated) (167 comments)

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  •  Public option will never come to US.. (4+ / 0-)

    The Insurance, Pharma, banksters and Repubs will never allow the Public option. Obama barely got the ACA passed after appeasing Big Pharma and Hospitals. That's why they did not run the ugly ads that the Insurance companies bank rolled. The only glimmer is the 2nd term of Obama with the gavel back to Nancy and blue dogs neutralised. Even so, the Senate is another problem. Maybe Obama is at last realising the foolishness of working with the Repubs. January State of the Union will provide the key...

    •  Disagree, but only after trying everything else (2+ / 0-)
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      Aquarius40, Only Needs a Beat

      I believe eventually we will come to public option and then single payer -- but only when it becomes clear that the private market isn't working, that the ACA still leaves a substantial number of people uninsured (and therefore health care providers not getting paid for caring for them), and health care costs overall still way way too high relatie to GDP.

      I'm not a numbers wonk but my back-of-envelope guess is that under the ACA there will be a large # of people who do not qualify for subsidies or credits (or Medicaid), make a choice not to pay exorbitant premiums for crappy coverage, and will be exempt from penalties because they did not have access to anything like an affordable plan. After a year or two of that, Congress may go back to the drawing boards and at least add a public option. Or more states will do the Vermont thing and add one.

      •  If ACA works well, the argument for PO lessens.. (0+ / 0-)

        Even California had a tough time getting its State legislators to vote for the public option. If there is a public option, then has to be disguised well and sneaked in after the Supreme Court turns blue. Even Obama doesn't seem too inclined (as compared to 2008) to fight for this one.
        Next 4 years will be a do-or-die for PO/Single Payer with Nancy & Obama at the helm. With the debt and deficit increasing and no sign of Defence cuts, support for Public programs is bound to wane. Who could have imagined that SS and Medicare are again discussion items this Election?

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