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  •  Accessible Shakespeare (1+ / 0-)
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    Louisiana 1976

    The middle school literacy teacher at the k-12 school where I work has written kid friendly revisions of several plays for performances which do a nice job of simplifying while still retaining the flavor of the language as well as the stories. They haven't been "modernized". Respect the originals. You might try buying one to see if it works for your son. Here's a link.

    •  I have great respect for the originals. (2+ / 0-)

      The problem is my son is autistic and has some issues with modern language, let alone old English. I'll look at them, but I don't want simplified so much as translated so he'll comprehend them.  It's purely a language issue. He doesn't need the concepts or the plays simplified if it's in English he can understand. I may just have to break down and do it myself. If I have to translate, or he has to stop and look up every third word, he's not getting the understanding of the piece because it has no flow.

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