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View Diary: Congressional Democrats' Friday-night happy dance (138 comments)

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  •  I'm starting to wonder if Romney is a plant... (0+ / 0-)

    Or at least he's purposely trying to run as poor a campaign as he possibly can.  

    Look at his track record.  When he was in MA he was fairly liberal.  Since then he's gone hard right to become a faux conservative.  

    During the primary he savaged his opponents with negative ads.  Now he's refusing to release his tax returns.  He goes around making gaffes and insulting people and countries.  To top it all off he picks the worst possible VP candidate, who not only makes his own race tougher, but puts the Republican control of the House in jeopardy.  

    It almost comes off to me as someone who is intentionally trying to lose.  Either that or he's a complete moron who having no convictions of his own, went hard right, and actually bought into the idea that he really needed to go as far right as he possibly could.  

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