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View Diary: Obama slams Ryan over farm bill fiasco (78 comments)

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    Mr. President, don't slam, if you don't want to be slammed yourself for doing nothing during a far worse FIASCO,
    that involves over $96 billion dollars in Emergency Unemployment Compensation. Since 2008, these ARRA benefits were paid for over 600,000 weeks of benefits affecting more than 26 million claims for EUC08 and all determinations, payments and adjudication of these emergency designated ARRA funds.

    Ryan can and should be is almost too easy. But to be fair, the President is not acting much better than those he keeps calling out when it comes to helping our economy and the unemployed struggling workers and families. Both sides do a good job of playing "hide the crisis" when they need right before the November Election for example. Maybe that's what was bulging out of congressman Weiner's undies?

    I know you want to see those empty tax returns that show Romney never paid his fair share. We all do. But, we also want answers about the EUC08 Scandal. Mr. President, if you want others to be held up to your "standards" and "want to put politics aside", then how about you answer that FOIA request and the "complaint" that proves this multi-billion dollar EUC08 FRAUD exists and must be investigated and repaired as soon as possible?

    One way or the other, is how most Democratic nations would respond. I know we have sent a great deal money and military might around the world to enforce "democratic principles", with a high price paid in lives lost on all sides. How come not so much help on the home front?

    Follow me...down the rabbit hole...right here for the full story:
    Mr. President there is a serious problem with the EUC08 Program

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