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View Diary: Obama slams Ryan over farm bill fiasco (78 comments)

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    In fact, one of the biggest stories of the last four years is how we were bleeding jobs every month until about mid-2009, when Obama began to push Congress to try to do something to fix our economy. Saving the auto industry was a big deal. Putting some regulations in-place with financial firms hasn't hurt, but hasn't helped enough, because too many Republicans took over the House and began their obstructionist ways.

    Look -- the ACA, the stimulus, and protecting our shores have all helped too. If you have any kind of a job, then you are protecting it by having more money in your pocket. Encouraging the auto industry to set higher fuel-efficiency standards, helping drought-plagued counties, and keeping middle-class taxes low all help too. I know what you are saying about wanting a job -- but if you don't have all of that other stuff in-place, the job that you get won't be secure -- and won't pay enough.

    If the Democrats retake the house, the next thing that Obama will do will be to put together a serious jobs bill. Heck -- he's done everything else that he promised to do when we elected him. Let's give him that chance.

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