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View Diary: UPDATED:What if Costs were Not a Factor when My Brother had the Initial Thought to Seek Health Care? (45 comments)

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  •  San Francisco has Universal Health Care (1+ / 0-)
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    Nicci August

    I am so sorry for your loss.

    No one should die because they can't afford or get access to health care.

    The Healthy SF Plan in brief: (NOT a snark)
    - Universal coverage. Open to all San Francisco residents ages 21 to 64 regardless of employment or immigration status. No pre-existing residency requirements.

    - No pre-existing conditions exclusions.

    - No deductibles.

    - No annual or lifetime caps.

    - Health Card for member access.

    - Covered services. No limits on doctor visits and hospital stays and includes drug rehab, labs, family planning, prescription drugs, mental health and more.

    - Medical Home.  A local neighborhood clinic (you choose your clinic) for a primary care doctor. Referrals to specialists and hospitals as needed.

    What it doesn’t do: Services not included.
    - Care only available in San Francisco. Not true cover-you-anywhere health insurance.    

    - No dental or vision, no acupuncture :o(  

    - Limited network of 27 City clinics and 5 hospitals. More private hospitals are joining, Kaiser just added.

    What it costs for Participants::
    - Sliding scale based on income, assets and family size up to 500% Fed Poverty Line (FPL).  Free for low income.  Income maximums for an individual = $54,000/pays $450/qtr. or family of 4 = $110,000/pays $1800/qtr.  That's per quarter!    

    - Minimal Co-Pays. $0 to $10 doctor visit, $0 to $50 ER, $0 to $25 drugs.

    PLEASE Don't die, Get healthcare!

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