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  •  Magnificent Actor..... (7+ / 0-)

    .....And he's always memorable in whatever he's in. Tell him that I hope the Emmys will recognize his work on "Breaking Bad" very soon.

    Even before I knew his name, whenever he would pop up in movies it would be one of those situations where I would go "Hey! It's that guy." I think he's in "48 Hrs." for all of 5 minutes as one of the cops that the bad guys gun down, but I still remember the bit he played in it.

    He also seems like a really good guy. The A.V. Club did an interview with Banks about various roles in his career. During it, the 6-year-old daughter of the A.V. Club's interviewer wanted to ask him a question.

    To set up the interview, Mr. Banks and I traded a few emails and attempted to work out a time to talk that was conducive to both our schedules. In the process of doing so, he learned that I had a 6-year-old daughter named Allyson, and when he called my house for the interview, he ended [up] talking to her for a few minutes, closing the conversation by saying, “Allyson, here’s the deal: if you think of a question that you would like to ask me in the next few minutes, I will be glad to answer it, and you will have done your first interview.” A few minutes later, she tiptoed into my office with her question written on a piece of paper, and when I had the opening to ask it, I called her back in and let her be the one to do the asking.

    Allyson Harris: What made you want to become an actor?

    Jonathan Banks: Wow. Is your nickname Ally?

    AH: Yes!

    JB: What a beautiful nickname. I’ll tell you what, Ally, here it is. First, let me ask you this: did you ever think you might want to be an actress?

    AH: No.

    JB: [Laughs.] Not at all, huh? I’m going to answer your question, but…do you have any idea what you’d like to do?

    AH: Um…I think I might like to be a teacher when I grow up.

    JB: Wow. What a great thing that would be! Do you like to pretend?

    AH: Yes.

    JB: Okay, well, when I was little, I used to love to pretend. I just thought it was so wonderful, the flight of being anybody that you wanted to be. And you know what? That, quite honestly, is my first feeling about why I wanted to be an actor. And the second thing is…and your daddy will show you this guy someday…there was a guy named Jimmy Durante who was an old comedian and who had so much fun. And I just laughed, and I tried to do the same things he did. And then there was a guy named Jackie Gleason, who your daddy will also show you, who was a big guy who did a show called The Honeymooners, and he was always getting everything wrong, but he was really loveable. And, you know, as a little kid, you don’t always get everything right, and you feel like you’re getting a lot wrong…or, at least, I did sometimes! And so those two guys, Jimmy Durante and Jackie Gleason, I just thought they put the moon and stars in the sky. I thought they were wonderful. And they made me want to be an actor. And I love that question, by the way.

    AH: Thank you!

    JB: Thank you, Ally.

    AV Club: That was all hers.

    JB: That was great. That’s probably as innocently as…I really did want to answer her question, because, you know, the innocence of a child wears off, and…it makes me innocently give a very truthful answer! [Laughs.]

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