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    "I was raised a Mormon. By old time Mormons who taught me real Mormonism."

    This is code for beliefs that cannot be found anywhere in the standard works (Bible, BoM, D&C or PoGP) where all official Mormon doctrine resides and has always resided.

    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is very tolerant of religious theorists. For example, there are half a dozen theories as to how the following doctrines can be reconciled.

    1. Jesus is coeternal and coequal with God the Father.
    2. Jesus was "begotten, not made" by God the Father "before all worlds".

    Non-Mormon Christians have the same two doctrines, but also have an official answer for how they can be reconciled. Stray from it and you will be defrocked if you are a member of the clergy. Never mind that the official answer is incomprehensible. It's a mystery.

    When somebody tries to tell you about the real "old time" or "secret" doctrines of the LDS church, what they are really about to tell you are the loopy theories of their grandfather. Sit back and enjoy it, but don't take it seriously.

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