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  •  Law of Diminishing Returns will kick in (14+ / 0-)

    The RATIONING would happen two ways:

    1) Vouchers/Coupons/Groupons being given out so you could purchase your own insurance - a major rallying point of the Repigs.  

    For example- In year 1, a value of $2,000. was given out.  By year 7 (if not before), one can bet that $2,000 will only buy $1,500 worth of insurance and/or the ALLOWANCE (a better word because it implies a small amount given to a child) will be cut to $1,500  (because you were supposed to save food, shelter, clothing, transportation, cat food money from the present to plan on the expected downward spiral).

    2)  The insurance companies will raise their rates or the deductibles.  Doctors & hospitals will want greater co-pays before you are even seen.
    NO to Rationing Groupons        

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