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  •  True EPA Irony (0+ / 0-)

    Just Cuz. Let's assume I know someone who owns

    1. real estate interests 2. Oil and Gas.

    How backwards the EPA is from what I gather.

    The real estate interests were set to create development in a parcel that would have been absolutely perfect for development (especially needed and wanted by region/city). Literally positioned with no chance of failure, money already being lined up to develop on what I would consider earth similar to my small back-yard.

    Now let's imagine that the EPA stepped in and claimed what looks like my backyard to be "Wetlands". Perhaps, I have gone through and seen nothing wet about it, mostly dust, and trespassers dirt-biking over it.

    An ongoing 10 yr battle ensues costing the local municipalities millions in revenues, jobs (being kept here), etc. and an idiotic fight by the EPA as they are going to look like big govt as this is simply not WL's.

    Meanwhile I would imagine Oil/NG have to be turned to, as the EPA is more "Eh, go for it", pretty lax when it comes to actual drinking water (as the regulation of the project is based on the Clean Water Act). Including allowing radioactive brine in PA.

    Funny in a tragic way, no don't use your money to benefit a community as this land may be x and somehow affect water. V oh, NG, go for it.

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