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View Diary: Republican operatives freaking out that Paul Ryan pick means talking about Republican policies (159 comments)

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  •  In my WILDEST dreams (5+ / 0-)
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    for the VP debate, I hope upon hope, that Biden opens up on little snotty Ryan and discusses the meeting they had the night of BHOs inauguration and

    1.  Names ALL the names of the participants - pointing out specifically that little Paulie Ryan was there
    2.  Describes to the American people that Frank Luntz and FAUX have been "marketing" to them with focused group talking points
    3.  That the ONLY focus of that meeting was to UNDERMINE the American people , the US and the President FROM DAY 1 - and NOT to help us out of the Great Recession.

    I would also love it if he talked about how Mr. Ryan benefited (albeit legally) from the meeting with Bernacke and Paulsen and then sold his stock in the TBTF banks and made a killing while the rest of us lost our shirts.

    That, along with his budget and Ultrasound/Personhood FEDERAL laws should just about shut that smug little fuck up.

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