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View Diary: 'Soledad, stop this!' - Sununu to Soldad O'Brien of CNN (Video) (266 comments)

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  •  If CNN is asking follow-ups, the blush is off the (3+ / 0-)
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    rose for this version of the GOP.

    This is encouraging:  a news outlet that is almost neurotic in its staying well within the "center-right" bounds of Beltway Conventional Wisdom (even when it's blatantly false) pushing the obvious line of questioning against Sununu's obfuscation and intimidation?  It's almost like journalism!

    Of course this means that the CW is that Romney's caved to the wingnut extremists, and that the Republican Party is in jeopardy of losing its lock on the National Agenda (even if only by filibuster).  Can it be that the CW-Crowd is already cutting their losses?  Trying to save a rump of the Party for Christie in '16?

    The fissures in the Rethug Party are already cracking, and it's getting damned entertaining.

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