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View Diary: Climate Change SOS: Soil is the Solution, or the most important environmental story I'll ever write (248 comments)

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    But there are limits.

    I see coal trains leaving Appalachia with 80 cars of 90 tons each of coal.  That's a lot of carbon on a daily basis.  

    If by magic we could make all soil healthy enough to maintain the microscopic animal life, throughout the world, I don't know if we could keep the carbon cycle in balance when we are adding so much carbon from fossil fuels.

    Clearly, every little bit helps.  And I'm very much in favor of doing what we can, where we are.

    •  No, it won't be enough (0+ / 0-)

      However, 1 cubic foot of soil weighs about 75 lbs. If we assume we can add 5% of that weight as biological carbon, in healthy soil, then we can sequester almost four pounds (3.75 lbs) per square foot, assuming our efforts reach down 12 inches below the surface.

      There are 43560 square feet per acre, and 442 million acres of cropland in the United States. So: 43560x442,000,000x3.75=72,200,700,000,000 lbs of carbon, or 36,100,350,000 tons.  That's 5,013,937 trains worth of coal.

      At ten trains per day, we're looking at sequestering 1000 years worth of Appalachian coal.

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