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View Diary: The Underlying Narrative That Will Cause Romney To Lose (281 comments)

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    Did you ever notice how the Repubs have bifurcated concepts of the state?

    When they approve of Federal government action it is "the country/America,"  but when they don't approve of such action, it is "the government".

    What I mean is, when we spend money to "fight terror" they say "the country is defending itself"  "I love my country"  "do you support America?"

    When we spend money to fight disease, sickness, and lack of insurance, they say "the government is stealing your money and taking away your freedom"  "I don't trust the government"

    Two very similar situations:  there is a threat to the American people from violent foreign ideologues in one, and a threat from sickness and disease in the other.  However, the former comports with conservative ideology and the latter does not.  Thus, the distinct frames.

    Romney/Rand (That's my name for 'em) will try to use framing techniques such as this to justify un-Christian selfishness to weak-minded believers.

    Russ Feingold supports Obama in '12 and so do I.

    by darboy on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 04:10:26 AM PDT

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