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View Diary: 2012's first 'Mediscare' ad comes from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan (255 comments)

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  •  Are you bitching to me, or just bitching to hear (1+ / 0-)
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    yourself bitch?

    IMHO you have serious tunnel vision and are missing the forest as you focus on your favorite tree, Obamacare.  

    Obamacare is my favorite tree too, but if you care to broaden your perspective on campaign strategy consider my comments in the thread that includes this one,

    I think you're mistaken that Obamacare is sliding under the table.  OFA and DNC waited (wisely IMO) until after the SCOTUS ruling to go on the offensive.  If you stop and think about it that was really prudent.

    If SCOTUS had ruled the other way, everything on the record by the Dems would have been used to write attack ads against them.  

    Since you think that the do-nothing Congress is a non-issue I'll not bore you with the facts.

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