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  •  Ronny the (3.50)
    Interesting post and pretty well backed up.  However, I dont think you need much to make ANY case against Ronald Reagan.  Sure, he was charasmatic, looked like the nice next door neighbor or grandfather that people could reminisce about the old times for, but even his authorized biographer stated rather bluntly that the man was out of his mind at the onset of his second term.  Who knows about the first...

    Republicans can say what they want about priorities but its a pretty tough argument for Reagan to have rationalized that Iran was more evil than Iraq at the time.  Reagan went further than that...he supported Iraq, having to know full-well that Saddam was the same crooked, maniac, genocide-pushing fool that republicans claim today. Hell, we even got pics of Rummy and Cheney making arms deals with the sucker.  The proof was there in the 80's and its ever so conveniently left out.  

    The irony is that after all the tough talk on Iran, its more a democracy than even Iraq at this point.. without our intervention and without any US invasion.  The moral of the story is that when it comes to the Middle East, when the US gets involved, things usually turn to shit...especially with Republicans.

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