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  •  Please ignore (4.00)
    The loony tunes comments clustered here at the top by people incapable of appreciating good analysis. I'm absolutely certain that the disciples of St. Ronnie who are trying to lay the thing off on other players have either not read your post or are incapable of understanding it. Excellent job, a rec and 4.

    Pithecanthropus "If I pay a man enough money to buy my car, he'll buy my car." Henry Ford

    by johnmorris on Fri May 06, 2005 at 07:01:05 AM PDT

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    •  Three decades sleepwalking to 9/11 (4.00)
      I agree.  You can play the chain of connections game back to the lungfish leaving the ocean, but what was the critical turning point that put us on the path to 9/11?  It was when the warning from Carter went unheeded - the country decided to ignore Cassandra.

      And Clinton didn't do near as much to help the situation as I expect from someone claiming to be a Dem, even allowing that he had to deal with a republican congress much of the time - we all just kept the frat party going like it was 1999.

      And now we're hung over and the postman is on the way with our Visa bill...

      Unfortunately, this seems to be a flaw in our programming as a species - we overrate the danger of the immediate threat (like "terror") and underrate the distant or slow, long-term threat (like running out of oil).  

      It worked well in the ice age, when the goal was to reproduce before the saber-toothed tiger got you at the venerable age of 32, I guess.  But being aware of this flaw we need the wisdom to fight the impulse to go for those quarterly profits at the expense of investing in alternate technologies - and we didn't, for which our descendants will curse us.

      The diarist hit the nail on the head as to when the fatal error was made - what we're quibbling about here is whether to blame the pied piper or the other rats when we all end up shut inside the mountain outside Hamlin town.

      If we trash the planet, none of the rest of this matters...

      by Dem in Knoxville on Fri May 06, 2005 at 08:33:29 AM PDT

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      •  yea its called (none)
        slippery slope, although i said in the post that I was just being a smartass, and he probably has good points. I just sounds funny that ronald reagan would be responsible, I got a picture of him on the monkey bars in afghanistan.

        John Kerry 2008, the leader of the youth of America.

        by desiunion on Fri May 06, 2005 at 10:31:48 AM PDT

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    •  Richard Clarke agrees (4.00)
      Reagan made two moves that made 9-11 possible.

      First, we moved to outright alliance with Israel; it was in the '80s that the U.S. started joint military training with Israeli forces.

      Second, Reagan's strategy for actively going after the Soviet Union's foreign power bases was implemented without any thought to blowback. He talks about the professionals who thought it was a terrible idea to recruit and arm the mujahadeen--the "Afghan Arabs"--without putting any controls in place whatsoever, then just walking away.

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