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  •  Not Bush in 2004 (none)
    If Al Gore had won the EV as well in 2004 I think it's very unlikely that Bush would run again in 2004. He would have been seen as damaged goods (just as Gore was last year). My guess is McCain would have be4en the 2004 GOP candidate.
    A big what if: Would there have been a 9-11 if Gore had won? The Clinton administration had done a fair job of preventing Al Qaida strikes in the US (albeit not abroad). Might a Gore administration have busted the 9-11 conspirators too?
    •  Exactly. (4.00)
      It's hard to imagine a Gore WH receiving the sort of intelligence the Bush WH had privy to and doing absolutely nothing about it.
    •  more exactly (none)
      I doubt 9/11 would have happened under a Gore administration, but if it had everyone would have been saying "Thank God we didn't elect that dummy Bush!" the way so many of them said "Thank God we didn't elect that wimp Gore!"

      McCain would have been the Republican nominee, but best of all there would have been no Iraq invasion.


      by Danjuma on Fri May 06, 2005 at 10:14:29 PM PDT

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