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  •  plus, once you delve into the details (4.00)
    it starts looking A LOT more like an inside job.  There are WAY too many highly suspicious pieces of evidence that points towards this dark possibility.  And not only is there is and history of this.  

    I also take issue with the notion that history teaches us that conspiracies are eventually found out.  I mean, we really only know about the ones that are revealed.  We don't know which ones weren't caught.  History is FILLED with conspiracies.  It's how the games is played.  The power-structure existing today, which include the masses of bureaucrats and the media, exist in a highly controlled information environment.  There's a reason every single public statement issued by government officials sound like the same guy wrote them and our media just parrots it back.  Independent thought and action is no longer allowed, and information, especially information involving the 9/11 investigation, was done in a highly compartmentalized and controlled fashion.  

    CSPAN 2 is replaying Dr. David Ray Griffin's amazing speech tomorrw at 2:30 PM Eastern on his new book The 9/11 Commission Report: Omissions And Distortions.  He makes a very compelling case for government complicity.  Record it if possible and share it with your friends and family.  

    There just might be a lot more to all those concidences that led to the success of the attacks, and we no longer live in a world where our media and government would tell us if that was true.  

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