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  •  Oh course when (none)
    Al Queda attacked the WTC in 1993, we did nothing and then they attacked the Khoyber Towers in Saudi in 1996 we did nothing, and then they attacked the Cole in 2000 and we essentially did nothing.

    Certainly, none of those unresponded to attacks on America had nothing to do with 9/11

    •  Only 1/6 true, at best (4.00)

          [Note: this only includes actions taken pre-9/11 - SAR]

          WTC '93 - Clinton's response: Perpetrators hunted down, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to life without parole. Intelligence gained from arrestees used to foil Operation Bojinka and convict some perpetrators thereof; also used to foil Millenium plot.

          Khobar Towers '96 - Clinton's response: Investigation eventually determines Hezbollah to be responsible. Some arrests made; case passed off to Bush admin. Bush: Indictments handed down in Summer 2001.

            [African embassy bombings '98: Clinton's response: Perpetrators arrested, tried, convicted.]

          Interim: Clinton response: Over one dozen A-Q attacks foiled, arrests and convictions made;Al-Qaeda cells rolled up in 20 countries.

          USS Cole October '00 - Clinton's response: Connections to A-Q found in Dec 2000, arrests made, hunt continues for others. Investigations passed off to Bush admin. Bush response: None.

          [Sources: PBS "The Man Who Knew" - Timeline; "Broad Effort Launched After '98 Attacks" and "Struggles inside the Government Defined Campaign"  Washington Post, 12-19-01 and 12-20-01, respectively - (apologies for not having exact links)  - SAR]

      •  don't forget (none)
        When Clinton was going after al-Qa'ida the Republicans were telling us it was a "wag the dog" distraction from their trumped up impeachment charges. Then when they got back the White House they turned off the anti-terror campaign. That's why we got hit on September 11. If Gore had been president it wouldn't even have happened.


        by Danjuma on Fri May 06, 2005 at 09:51:16 PM PDT

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      •  What about the Stark ??? 1987 ??? (none)
        your link mentions the attack on the USS Cole, but I never said ANYTHING about the USS Cole

        I said THE USS STARK, it was a completly differnt ship. It wasn't attacked by Al Queda. It was attacked by Iraqi Airforce Jets

        And Ronnie Raygun didn't do anything about it, except maybe to sell Saddam some more chemical and biological weapons

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