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View Diary: Ronald Reagan Caused 9/11 (206 comments)

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  •  Only 1/6 true, at best (4.00)

        [Note: this only includes actions taken pre-9/11 - SAR]

        WTC '93 - Clinton's response: Perpetrators hunted down, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced to life without parole. Intelligence gained from arrestees used to foil Operation Bojinka and convict some perpetrators thereof; also used to foil Millenium plot.

        Khobar Towers '96 - Clinton's response: Investigation eventually determines Hezbollah to be responsible. Some arrests made; case passed off to Bush admin. Bush: Indictments handed down in Summer 2001.

          [African embassy bombings '98: Clinton's response: Perpetrators arrested, tried, convicted.]

        Interim: Clinton response: Over one dozen A-Q attacks foiled, arrests and convictions made;Al-Qaeda cells rolled up in 20 countries.

        USS Cole October '00 - Clinton's response: Connections to A-Q found in Dec 2000, arrests made, hunt continues for others. Investigations passed off to Bush admin. Bush response: None.

        [Sources: PBS "The Man Who Knew" - Timeline; "Broad Effort Launched After '98 Attacks" and "Struggles inside the Government Defined Campaign"  Washington Post, 12-19-01 and 12-20-01, respectively - (apologies for not having exact links)  - SAR]

    •  don't forget (none)
      When Clinton was going after al-Qa'ida the Republicans were telling us it was a "wag the dog" distraction from their trumped up impeachment charges. Then when they got back the White House they turned off the anti-terror campaign. That's why we got hit on September 11. If Gore had been president it wouldn't even have happened.


      by Danjuma on Fri May 06, 2005 at 09:51:16 PM PDT

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