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  •  Think of it this way (none)
    We're in the Middle East at all because of massive Cold War synergy between Oil and Israel. Afghanistan was a key proxy war to subvert the Soviets, who were continuing the 100+ year-old Russian campaign to control Central Asis down to the Persian Gulf and its warm-water ports, and paricularly after oil was found in the area. But we didn't stay and rebuild Afghanistan a la Marshall Plan - because Reagan and his crew were corporatists and there was no Oil and no money to be made in Afghanistan - and so we stupidly abandoned the country to chaos and the eventual triumph of the very Islamist radicals we had empowered to fight the Soviets, this giving Osama an entire country to work with while he plotted against the US/Israel/Saudi "order" of things in the ME. Grasping the argument in this diary depends on seeing that there were other choices (e.g., an alternative to the foreign oil that the Sun Belter Reagan doomed us to) that could have had very different and much better outcomes. It requires seeing past the soft-focus Pop consensus that Reagan had some good ideas, he just went a little too far, and that he was somehow really necessary. That's about it, I believe.

    "There are only murderers in this room" - John Rooney in The Road to Perdition

    by jlb on Sat May 07, 2005 at 04:04:31 AM PDT

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    •  thanks (none)
      for the explanation.

      I think I was reading the diary wrong. I expected there to be a cause and effect between the two halves Devilstower cited as the cause of 9/11. But they weren't cause and effect as much as parallel, though related decisions.

      I think my point holds that even if we had energy indepencdence we still may have challenged the soviet expansion.

      I always reply to diaries too late.

      •  Me too, it seems (none)
        And you're certainly right about Afghanistan, particularly since Devilstower makes it clear that Carter and Brezhinski made the initial commitment, just that Carter would not have left Afghanistan to the Taliban abd Osama once the Soviets had failed there.

        "There are only murderers in this room" - John Rooney in The Road to Perdition

        by jlb on Sun May 08, 2005 at 05:33:16 PM PDT

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