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View Diary: Paul Ryan, in Congress since he was 28, pretends to be McDonald's-working Everyman (134 comments)

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    The conservative base comes from the people who grew up outside large cities in small towns or on farms. Ryan is, in fact, one of them. He comes from a leading family in Janesville, WI with four generations there. Sure he's wealthy, but his image of big truck, camping and hiking and cooking on fires really is the way the leading families in such small, mostly agricultural towns live.

    In fact that image is what the entire conservative movement exists to defend. That was America's culture before WW II. A lot of people from that background moved into large cities since that war, but they did not leave that culture behind. Instead they kept their guns, their hunting and fishing hobbies, and their small-town religion. They also moved to new suburbs near the cities from which they commuted to work, sometimes long distances.

    With the success of the Civil Rights Movement they also all became Republicans due to the Southern Strategy. But their kids have grown up in cities. Their kids are for the most part urban in culture and are not adopting the conservative life styles. You can see this in the older suburban bedroom communities. They are beginning to look quite urban with all the same problems as the urban areas they surround.

    Have you noticed that the younger generation are not moving to the conservative positions much? They also do not flock to the conservative churches (except for right after their children are born when they adopt the child-raising techniques used by their parents.) The conservative culture is dying. The conservatives are panicking and throwing every attack they can at the big city urban culture of minorities and immigrants. That's what the entire last three decades of conservative movement has been all about

    The conservatives have taken Bill Buckley's famous statement to heart. They are standing athwart history yelling "Stop!" An history is rolling right along. Soon the conservatives will be road kill. But they are going to do as much damage as they can along the way. That's what voter suppression is all about.

    Of course, the 1% are not part of this culture. Instead they are using it to gain power and to build their family dynasties.

    The US Supreme Court has by its actions and rhetoric has ceased to be legitimate. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - over

    by Rick B on Wed Aug 15, 2012 at 06:34:01 PM PDT

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