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  •  Right. Which is why Romney has to hope (0+ / 0-)

    they are happy with Ryan potentially a heart beat away before they figure out that Romney is in charge, period.  Ryan has an opportunity to have a front-row seat and learn from Romney, but believe me Romney is not going to be asking for Ryan's approval on anything.

    •  The Tea Party demands Ryan's budget be defended (1+ / 0-)
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      Romney can't do what you suggest.  He can't sneak his way to November, pretending to like Ryan's budget but having his own secret plan.

      Obama will hammer him endlessly on it, and the teabaggers won't stand for it.  They want the Ryan budget enacted into law.  They wan't it out front, supported loudly and proudly, because that is what they believe.

      The baggers don't trust Romney.  They want Ryan in charge, not Romney, and they're already figuring it out.

      When Obama hammers Romney for specifics and Romney doesn't give them the Ryan plan word for word, the far-Right will be pissed and may very well revolt.  Hell, we may be able to get them to revolt at the convention if Mittens is still waffling on the Ryan plan by then.

      And if he accepts the Ryan plan in total, then we hang him with it.

      •  Romney can sneak and pretend (0+ / 0-)

        with the best of them, don't worry.  If putting Ryan on the ticket gets tea party people excited enough to support him, that's enough.  Once he gets into office, he'll do whatever he wants, not what Ryan wants.  Romney is no GWB and Ryan is no Cheney.

        •  Read Red State. They don't want Romney's plan (1+ / 0-)
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          I agree with what you said about Romney being the leader, but Eric Erickson and the others will not accept that.

          Erickson specifically said that if Romney picks Ryan but then runs away from his budget, that they will then know Romney will not support the Ryan budget as president.

          So Romney can tack back to the middle, but he'll lose the base.

          •  after he's won the election (assuming (0+ / 0-)

            he does), red state can rant all they want

            Romney is doing a hostile takeover of Ryan, and he's not worrying about how disappointed the far right will be when they find out mr. etch-a-sketch has plans of his own

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