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  •  haven't read up on this in detail (6+ / 0-)

    but I can tell you that the climate scientists quoted (Schellnhuber & Karoly) are ones that I very much respect, so this is not to be dismissed lightly. There is little question that agricultural yields are projected to decrease sharply at 4C warming (especially in the tropics where even a little warming leads to a dropoff in cereal crop productivity), and so clearly a growing population would be on a collision course with lower agricultural production, and that's only taking into account temperature. Add to that the effects of drought, less availability of fresh water, and more widespread infectious disease, and more extreme weather events as far as heat waves and floods are concerned,  and its clear that there is a real threat here as far as human health and mortality are concerned. There is also reason to believe that there will be increased conflict in a world with greater competition for diminishing food and water. I sometimes use the metaphor of the Four Horsemen. Its not w/out some relevance...

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