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  •  Mormon missionaries are living the "law of (3+ / 0-)

    Consecration."  This means that they all pay into the missionary fund the same amount of money (or their parents do) and the LDS church pays their bills and gives them a "stipend" to live on each month.  This was done to ensure that the money paid by the parents of each missionary could be deducted from the parents taxes.  In essence, the parents "donated" to the LDS church and the church used the money to support it's missionary efforts.

    The problem with this is that not all missions cost the same, so the cheaper ones end up supporting the more expensive ones.  Each missionary is given so much a month to live on--food, bike repairs, toilet paper and whatever may need to be covered.  A couple of years ago the stipend was cut to about $135 a month.  You tell me how a 19-21 year old kid that is out riding a bike all day can eat, let alone buy other necessities, for $135 a month.  Most of the congregations have sign-up sheets for families to feed the "Elders" for dinner.

    When the recession hit and "The Church" was looking at ways to cut costs, they sent out a request to families to look at housing these boys.  They needed to have a separate bedroom, bathroom, and preferably a small kitchen.  Families with teen-age girls were not eligible.  Oh yes, and laundry facilities would be shared.  For this the family was offered 75-85 dollars a month to cover electricity.  What a great deal!  I heard of older women and couples having their leadership put this in the form of god's work and almost strong-armed to let them move in.  

    Each congregation also collects money for the "missionary fund."  This used to be held by each congregation for a specific missionary.  Now it's sent to church headquarters to go into the general missionary kitty.  

    There are missionaries that are totally supported by the LDS Church.  They see it as a good investment on life-long membership.

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      Aunt Pat

      the stipend was $400 a month. That would barely cover rent in a shared house where I live, let alone food, utilities and all the other things you might need (spare bike tires!). Although I guess if they are living with a family that would cut down on the rent at least.

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