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View Diary: Ann Romney: I have no idea what's in our finances, but I know it's legal, so shut up already (210 comments)

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  •  it's not charity (0+ / 0-)

    Giving money to the Mormon church is not so much charity as it is a political contribution.  

    As we know, the Mormons use their "charitable contributions" to push for political purposes, such as fighting against the right to marry.  

    By contrast, charity in the general context is understood to mean protecting the poor, hungry and ill, as well as those experiencing difficulties due to famine, floods, their place of birth and other unpredicted or uncontrolled adversities; to provide funding for medical research; to protect animals from neglect or abuse; etc.  

    True charitable giving is not intended to shape political policy or effect legislation.  It is to express care for others.  So even if Serial Liar Mitt Romney donated money to the Mormon Church, he should not be entitled to a deduction for such giving, because it is not charitable giving, it is strictly political.

    And because it is required by the church, not a voluntary gesture, neither he nor the missus should sprain their wrists patting themselves on the back for their "good deeds."

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