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View Diary: Minnesota Primary Post-Mortem: MN-8 (17 comments)

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    RuralLiberal, angry marmot

    A couple things.

    Cravaack will certainly be running attack ads, but there is a difference between that and going nuclear on your primary opponents the week before the primary election because your polls are showing you losing.

    You'd be surprised about the fact that her not being from the district is a BFD. It is not mock outrage at all. She simply was not "one of them", and it showed.

    I agree that Nolan is going to be stronger in areas the Democrats haven't done so well in recently. It wouldn't surprise me to see him carry Crow Wing County, which is a county McCain carried by 8 against Obama, and Coleman won by 9 over Franken. If Nolan wins Crow Wing, the race is already over.

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      James Allen

      Nolan also performed better than I would have expected in the southern part of the district. The fact that he won Chisago County and did well in Isanti really gives Nolan the ability to say he was by far the most competitive candidate in all the diverse areas of the district.

      Clark needed to dominate the southern half but didn't even win in a majority of the counties.

      It certainly was a well earned victory.

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