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View Diary: Romney/Ryan Medicaid cuts don't put off pain for seniors (89 comments)

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  •  This happened to me. (0+ / 0-)

    And to my elderly Mom, after Dad got sick and then died - during 3 years of blindness, deafness, severe osteoporisis and a collapsed spine, extreme anxiety and depression and nonstop suffering, 4 nursing "homes" and non-stop hospital stays.  My parents' lifetime of savings (Dad was also a WWII vet) was completely decimated - he needed an aide even THOUGH in all these nursing homes.

    Don't think that going to a nursing home is a great thing - the abuse he suffered can fill a book. His illness was so severe that we couldn't take care of him at home, even with an aide. Mom is disabled from a car having hit her years ago.

    The nursing home-acquired infections, our frustration, screaming, attempts at "negotiation," crappy nursing home doctors who never call you back, and Dad's loneliness and neglect were hallmarks of a tragic system. We had to get him an aide to watch over him, even IN the nursing "home."  It was hell on earth.

    All monies Mom and Dad and I ever saved from a lifetime of hard work at the best jobs we could find went to his care, and to whatever we could do to make sure Mom had food and could stay in her meager apartment of 37 years.

    I cashed in my small savings to pay for these things.
    The only "relief" came after Dad died, after years of his suffering. And now, I must mandatorily retire in 3 years. I am not married, and have no cushion to rely on.

    We were regular middle-class folks our whole lives who worked every day we weren't in school or college (paid for years ago by loans and scholarships) and saved up as much as we could, taking loving and smart care of our parents, now faced with a terrifying future. I live my life in desperation and fear - and I HATE that my elderly Mom has to spend her final years without the peace of mind that her own child will not suffer as they did.

    •  No way in hell a guy like Dad could've figured out (0+ / 0-)

      a new insurance plan, either. Or his family.

      We were completely drained each day from Dad's illness and the most we could do physically and emotionally was to write that week's check (do this before eating, before we forget and lose the aide or the apt.), then stuff some three-day old sandwich into our mouths for dinner and collapse into bed. Get up next day and go to nursing home to face new unbelievable human neglect, fight, try to negotiate, cry, and go home. Stuff face with sandwich. Sleep. Have nightmares. Get up and do it again.

      To have to shop for insurance plans would have made me jump out a window. It was all I could do to keep things afloat, as it was. Even with the invaluable help of Medicare and Medicaid as we know it.

      Completely eliminating the little money we had and needed would have killed Dad quickly and made the rest of us sicker than we were or felt. I was immensely grateful for Medicare and Medicaid.

      If Dad hadn't had Medicare and Medicaid in its current form, he would have died in greater pain than he eventually did.

      Those of you who've faced this know what I mean.
      Romney/Ryan: Death Squad for Medicare.

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