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View Diary: Artur Davis Says African Americans are Offended by VP Biden's 'Chains' Remark (59 comments)

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    ... of Republican candidates from Romney to Santorum to Perry talking about "chains" and "shackles" in relation to "Obamacare," using those exact words (Rachel or Lawrence or one of the other MSNBC hosts played a medley of them the other day). And those were "slavery" metaphors in response to an idea FROM AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN, a much more direct link. Where was Artur Davis' outrage then? But he's nothing but a pandering tool and a sellout and has been for a long time. He's one of the blue dogs who voted for the bankruptcy atrocity in 2005 (a vote he shares with Biden, actually, but at least Biden had the excuse that he was protecting hometown business and jobs, since Delaware is home to a number of credit card companies; there was NOBODY NOT NOHOW in Davis' district or even in the redder parts of Alabama who was pushing for that bill, and he would not have suffered in the least if he'd voted against it, but he was sucking up to future donors, no doubt, and pandering to the chamber of commerce types.

    He's also been blathering away about voter fraud.

    He's been transitioning to Republican token for quite a while.

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