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View Diary: Paul Ryan (and the Republicans) suck at following Jesus. But they're great at following Satan! (16 comments)

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    Simply put, the "right-wing" aspects of the Bible (genocide, war, racism, women's oppression, arbitary restrictions on behavior) were largely and explicitly negated by the "left-wing" aspects (Jesus and most of the rest of the NT forward, at least until Paul hijacked the whole thing).

    Honestly, I think the Gnostics called it right - there is no way the vengeful God of most of the Old Testament could possibly have been the loving God of the New Testament.

    And yeah, I'd love someone, anyone to say, in no uncertain terms, that Republican ideology places its adherents in danger of perdition. I'm religious, and I believe God is not a hypocrite. So I refuse to believe that gay sex puts one more in danger of Hell than starving poor people, just because right-wingers say so.

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