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View Diary: Obama campaign to Mitt: 'Prove it' (190 comments)

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  •  Maybe Romney is playing a game here... (1+ / 0-)
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    Aunt Pat releasing information in little drips which keeps the news cycle focused on his taxes rather than policy issues.

    Under this scenario...

    In a few weeks (perhaps a bit after the convention?), he eventually releases his tax returns for ten years or more and, in fact, it turns out he did pay at least 13% Federal Income Tax each year -- a fact which he knew all along. He could increase and extend the controversy and speculation by initially releasing a "summary of returns" of some sort which still leave room for speculation before releasing the actual complete copies.

    Then he begins to campaign on how his opponent (and proxies) have no real answers so instead are focusing on personal attacks rather than policy - and making up stuff (perhaps running a clip of Reid's claim in the background). Of course, this just keeps the topic alive for longer but to Romney's advantage while still distracting people from policy.

    Or, maybe he's just dissembling again...

    It will be interesting to see. 12 dimensional chess or poorly played tic-tac-toe?

    •  Ridiculous (4+ / 0-)
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      vcmvo2, ferg, Nailbanger, lilsky

      So Romney is banking on the payoff from eventually releasing his tax returns showing he paid 13% will offset the brutal beating he has taken in the media the last two months? He has fallen even further behind Obama, but somehow showing he paid a paltry 13% in taxes wil immediately changes everyone's perception of him, just like that?

      That's an insane risk that no politician of any stripe would take. Even if that were the case, people would ask why the hell he didnt just release them right away?

      •  Sorry... (0+ / 0-)

        ...I was jesting a bit, but obviously it didn't come through. I'm betting on "just dissembling again..." myself.

        To address your point though, I'm not nearly as convinced as you that if he paid 13% or higher as a percentage of his AGI in FEDERAL income taxes that he'd lose much support. Everyone knows he's a rich business person who has smart tax people working for him and who structures his finances (just as those who buy a house counting on the mortgage interest deduction to make it affordable do) to minimize taxes. Almost anyone who would find this a fatal flaw isn't a swing voter that Romney could grab and certainly isn't a reliable GOP voter Romney could lose. Romney would presumably also point out that 13% of AGI is about what the top 50% of the taxpayers paid overall in recent years and WAY more than what the bottom 50% paid in any of the past 30+ years.

        If people were to ask "why didn't you release them earlier?", the answer is simple under the "gaming scenario":

        I don't believe that running for public office should require publicly revealing all aspects of your personal life, including your finances.

        Although I was not required to do so, nor do I think it's appropriate to expect, I elected to release my tax returns because the opposition chose to make false claims [he would reference Reid's comment here if needed] about my tax history rather than address substantive policy differences between my [whatever slogan he's using now] plan and Obama's insistence on stubbornly repeating his failed policies of almost four years for another four years. It's time for politicians to stop lying and address the substantive issues head on.

        As a business person, I understand this and am experienced in doing so.

        ...of course, this is complete BS, but it addresses the question and I think it's a reasonable response to most swing voters.

        One has to remember that the battle is about two or three percent of the voters -- not about the other 97 or 98 percent. He's not trying to get your vote or mine.

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