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View Diary: Democrats fight back, Republicans and their media friends get the vapors (259 comments)

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  •  "Build a reservoir of good will?" (0+ / 0-)

    With historical majorities in both houses of Congress and a record personal approval rating on the day he took office?

    Give me a fucking break.

    This is exactly the sort of nonsense I'm talking about.

    The real enemy of the good is not the perfect, but the mediocre.

    by Orange County Liberal on Thu Aug 16, 2012 at 08:23:47 PM PDT

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    •  I hope u r still reading this... (0+ / 0-)

      As I apologize for not checking back on my quote.

      Historical majorities? Did u forget about the GOP unprecedented obstruction and the prescence of Blue Dog Senate Dems?

      From day one, the GOP decided that they would obstruct him..GOP moderates were told to toe the party line or else. As a result, he had to cut deals because the supposed 60 vote super majority never fully materialized.

      First, they fought Al Franken and delayed his confirmation for months.

      Second, Byrd and Kennedy were sick and eventually passed.

      Then there was Lieberman, Nelson, Lincoln, Bayh, Pryor and to a smaller extent, Landrieu who all exacted a heavy price on all major legislation for their votes.

      Did he make mistakes? Could he have fought harder on some issues --Sure, but hey every new prez has a learning curve and I thought he really believed that he could work with these wingnuts. I am sure that there were also establishment Dems who were pissed at the fact that he didnt wait his turn and played hardball during policy negotiations.

      I aslo think he should have never shut down OFA but I am sure he was warned by corporatist dems who were scared of a mamoth grassroots progressive movement--another mistake

      Lastly, Blago's idiocy cost us the the IL senate seat.

      We probably had 60 votes for only a few months at best and the media still blamed him for ramming thru ACA and other bills. They claim he got everything he wanted in the first two years, but never seem to mention the GOP filibusters. The house blue Dogs were a pain in the ass as they delayed and watered down bills---I remember Mike Ross bragging on how he delayed the ACA.

      Keep that in mind--and he still was able to pass ACA or Obamacare, Lily ledbetter, Wall street reform, ended Dont ask dont tell, and 800B stimulus and more.

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