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View Diary: Reid to Romney on taxes again: Prove it (163 comments)

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  •  Just because McCain released 2 returns (6+ / 0-)

    does not mean that Romney should only release 2 returns. John McCain was running as a "war hero" not as a CEO. His taxes were not in question, so he released whatever was deemed satisfactory at the time.

    Mitt Romney decided to run for President on his business experience and his stint as a CEO at Bain. His business practices (including what he did with his taxes and finances) deserve scrutiny on that count alone.

    Furthermore, Reid did not specify how many yrs of taxes McCain released - he simply said that all Presidents have released their taxes to be as transparent as possible, and that includes those who released 2 returns and those who released 22 returns - in other words, Harry Reid means that they released as many returns as was necessary to satisfy the voters and their opponents that their ethics made them fit to be President of this country.

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