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View Diary: 88 Representatives Want Answers on Leaked Memo (247 comments)

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  •  Interesting to see the number of Blue Dogs (4.00)
    who signed this:

    Sandy Bishop, Jim Cooper, Harold Ford, Mike Michaud, Ike Skelton, Ellen Tauscher

    Two of them come from districts  Shrub won in 2004 (Bishop and Skelton), another from a district he almost won (Michaud) and another's running for Senate in a red state (Ford).

    The Democrats have officially learned to kick again.

    •  Gotta like Ike (none)
      Ike Skelton is ranking Democrat on the Armed Services committee and not somebody you'd call a dove. But he was vocally opposed to rushing into war with Iraq, got letters published in the KC Star and the Times to that effect, so it's no secret to his constituents (who probably voted Shrub on that all-important gay marriage issue anyway).
    •  And where's Matheson? (none)
      I don't see him. Time to email him. He hasn't heard from me in at least a week.


      •  Where's Berman? (none)
        It looks like my Congresscritter, Howard Berman (D-RIAA/MPAA) doesn't have the cojones yet to sign onto this. He needs to grow a spine and sign.

        Welcome to Planet Baka. Enjoy your stay. Spread the meme: Borrow-and-Binge Republicans.

        by MamasGun on Fri May 06, 2005 at 08:50:04 PM PDT

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