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View Diary: Aug. 19, 1953: When the Eisenhower Administration destroyed Iran's secular democracy (281 comments)

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    This is great.   More, please.   Let's discuss the revolution and the various governments that followed, or the irony of the green revolution, one of whose leaders was called a terrorist by Romney -- or many other tragic ironies in our relationship.

    One point that people who actually understand Iran and the Middle East often neglect is the (to us) obvious point that the Iranians are not a bunch of camel herders living in tents who spend all of their time thinking about how to oppress women.   More women than men graduate from Iran's engineering universities (mainly because the men go to highly profitable jobs in the oil fields.)   When I say that women can vote, most American roll their eyes.    Teheran's biggest problem is smog and traffic congestion.

    Iran is not Saudi Arabia, which merits a long post of its own (and which I do not know that much about.)   I have no particular connection except some American contacts who are not Iranian.   (Because my screen name stupidly gives away my location and I live in a small town I don't want to say more.)

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