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View Diary: Is the pick of Paul Ryan Mitt Romney's concession? (178 comments)

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  •  His personality--and biggest mistake (3+ / 0-)

    I was doing something else while the Sunday talk shows ran, and suddenly--almost subconsciously--came to an "Aha" moment. Every single show was talking about Ryan. Romney's name was an afterthought.

    There are only two truths here. One, Romney wants to be Pres (not do the job, just be the pres) so much that any bribe from the Kochs would do it. (Yes I believe the story. The amount doesn't matter, and even if some was Adelson it doesn't matter either.)

    But the second is more telling. The Kochs et al are much more concerned about getting their philosophy out there than winning; in fact, they may have given up on Romney.

    What has Romney done? Think of the scene in Oh, Brother! He's sold his soul to the devil(s) and now he has nowhere to go. Ryan has every headline and the agenda is all his. Romney is now an asterisk in history.

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